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British Architects unite for Bay Area Chapter - 6/01/2010

Overway-Schiff House - 2/11/2010


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Overway Partners is an international architectural design firm specializing in hospitality, commercial, residential and residential loft design. The firm’s portfolio encompasses a wide variety of distinctive projects.

We offer a full range of architectural services. Our overriding goal is to design each project with simplicity and clarity delivering the highest quality services not always found in larger firms. The approach is iterative, in terms of continuous communication and dialogue to ensure that the final design parameters meet the goals and objectives of the client.

Our thirty years of experience has given us the ability to craft unique and innovative solutions to solve design issues. The firm has worked primarily with repeat clients on multiple projects, a testimony to the success we have had in meeting the goals and expectations of our valued clients.


Chad R. Overway AIA RIBA

Chad Overway has over 32 years of practicing architecture in a wide range of building typologies. After gaining experience with several nationally known architectural firms, he founded his firm in San Francisco 21 years ago. His firm specializes in hotels, resorts, multi-family housing, commercial projects, planning projects and custom residences. During his career, he has been principal-in-charge of over 20 hotel and resort projects domestically as well as internationally.

His practice expanded into the international marketplace in the late 90’s with projects in Turkey, Egypt and the Middle East. He has recently returned from a year long consulting position in the UAE where he was Director of Design for Hospitality overseeing projects for a government owned company.  This company is responsible for $30 billion of development slated in Abu Dhabi which includes 29 hotel and resort properties.

Chad’s work has been published in several magazines including Sunset and Symbol & Interpretation published by the Museum of Finnish Architecture. In his free time, his true passion has been persevering the architectural integrity of his home that was designed in 1937 by Richard Neutra FAIA.

Chad is NCARB certified and is a licensed in California, Colorado, Arizona and Washington.  He holds a Bachelor in Architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture and a Master of Architecture from Cranbrook Academy of Art. He also continued his Urban and Regional Planning studies by attending the University of Oslo and the International Academy of Fine Arts in Austria.

Chad is a member of AIA, ULI, SPUR and A+D Forum and is a chartered member of RIBA. In addition he is on the Board of Director’s of RIBA-USA and Chair of the San Francisco Chapter. For the past 15 years, Chad has been a volunteer with the California Architects Board’s supplemental exam commissioners. His responsibilities include item writing, pilot testing, commissioner review and administration of the final exam for California licensure. In 2008, Chad received the prestigious Octavius Morgan Distinguished Service Award from the State of California.